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It’s the return of the Creative Rockstar Podcast (Brought to you by BxB Group).  We kick of the re-launch of the podcast with a great episode featuring marketing truths you should know, in order to market your business!  We then go into some Graphic Design tips of the week, Social Media marketing tips (how to post in an election year) and getting personal on Facebook and Twitter.  We do a quick Photo tip on composition and angles, and talk about some GREAT resources and apps to help run your business.

Enjoy the show. Come back often, subscribe via iTunes and tell your friends!

Links from the Show:

Trello – online organization and project management.
CurdBee – online invoicing – online merchant services
HostMonster – web hosting. 

BxB Group, Inc.

The Creative Rockstar is NOW… BxB Group, Inc.  All the same great services and products we’ve always offered, but NOW under a new name.  Visit BxB Group’s website at … take a look around and see how you like it!!

THE CREATIVE ROCKSTAR website will remain… and will be the host of our new / continuing Blog and The Creative Rockstar Podcast.  New episodes coming soon and expect regular posts on marketing, design and other small business tips.

These are exciting changes, and we are happy to be making them so that we can continue to grow and give new opportunities to our clients.  Thanks for your continued support!

New ways to find us.

We have started using a new site to help promote us called  It is basically a service listing site, much like craigslist, but much much better!  Checkout our listing on there – Business Cards, Logos and More!

Seems like a winner to me! You should try this for YOUR service and see if it helps!  We’re just learning the ins and outs, but it looks like it also lets you post to craigslist and everything… good stuff!

Great New Product – Plastic Business Cards

We are VERY excited about this!  We’ve been asked about these products for a long time and we havn’t been able to find an affordable solution for our clients, UNTIL NOW!  Our press is now able to print PLASTIC BUSINESS CARDS!  Either Solid or clear frosted cards, these are a SURE way to set your card apart from everyone elses!  Plastic business cards are a unique way to elevate your company’s image to the next level while making a lasting impression. Today’s competition in the job market is fierce, Solid color or Frosted Plastic Business Cards are the means to get recognized.  Use plastic cards to make an impact that your connections won’t forget. We offer cards made from a high quality plastic that can get your message across while becoming a conversation starter that makes breaking the ice easier. The novelty of these cards will make people hold on to them longer as well and pass them around to their contacts. A well-designed frosted card can make an unforgettable first impression.

We’ve got some great pricing on these sweet looking cards and as an added bonus we’re giving away 500 standard business cards to go with every plastic card order!

Solid Color Cards: 1 sided – 500 = $120, 1,000 = $135
Solid Color Cards: 2 sided – 500 = $145, 1,000 = $160
Frosted Cards: 1 sided – 500 = $170, 1,000 = $195
Frosted Cards: 2 sided – 500 = $205, 1,000 = $225
Cards are printed in full color on 20 pt plastic stock with rounded corners

In the current economic climate, you need every advantage you can get to capture the attention of today’s more discerning consumers. People are always on the lookout for something new, fresh and exciting to pay attention to, and plastic business cards – along with a clever custom design – could be just what you need to boost your monthly sales.

Give me a shout today… we can get these cards produced in just 7 days!!

It’s Spring… and We’ve got New Stuff!!!!

Spring in Ft. Worth

Some outstanding things going on here at The Creative Rockstar!  Spring is starting to kick in and we’re enjoying beautiful weather to start everyone’s Spring Break this weekend!  Get out and enjoy the weather, fly a kite and play with the kids!

We are launching a new line of products RIGHT NOW for all our lovely clients.  They are custom identity products:  Custom Name Bages, Full Color Coasters, Drink Coozies, Mousepads, Plaques and Post-it Holders!  All these new products are full color products, with extremely quick turn times and affordable pricing!

Name Badges – $12.00 | Coasters Start at $1.50 | Sticky Note Holders – $20 per Dozen | Mousepads – $8.50 | Plaques Start at $10.00 | NO MINIMUMS ! ! !

Just email your artwork and have your products in less than 1 week!  We are also doing a special to introduce our new name badges to the market – Any Business Card Orders during the Month of March can receive a free Name Badge!

HOLY COW!!!  I’m sick with March Madness!

Here’s what you get!

Custom Logo Design, 1,000 Full Color Business Cards AND a Website Design (domain name and 1st year hosting included)… all for only $400!  Get this deal SOON, before I come to my senses!!!

I am The Creative Rockstar!

Introduction Video for my new Connections!

This is who we are and what we do. A Full service Creative Design and Marketing firm, based in Fort Worth, TX. We handle all of your Graphic Design, Printing, Marketing, Social Media and Photography needs.

How to Grow your Business RIGHT NOW!

3 Ways to Grow your Business Right Now

The economy is not at its best right now; it’s a fact that all business owners are dealing with.  But rather than dwell on the down turn in business and slow sales you should busy yourself in overcoming the challenges that this is bringing to your business.  Imagine how well you will do when the economy becomes strong again after surviving the storm now!

There are a few things that you can do to keep your business focused on growing and moving forward today… And they are:

1. Keep doing what works!  Continue your marketing that has helped you grown your business thus far. A lot of business owners will be tempted to cut back, especially their marketing. This is a mistake. If anything, you should increase your marketing now.

Increasing your marketing doesn’t have to mean increase your spending! There are many low-cost marketing strategies you can use in your business.  Don’t expect to get anything for free… the cost may only be your time, but you will still pay.  When weighing your options you may find it more effective to spend a little more money and save some of your time!

While we’re on the subject, here are a few things you can do right now to increase your exposure without necessarily costing you much (if anything):

a. Start an email newsletter, Just like mine!  Keeping your name and information in front of you existing customers is a great way to increase your sales!

b. Do a Video. YouTube is great… making some videos that help people, using your unique knowledge (see my tutorial videos for a good example and directing those people back to your site is a sure way to gain interest!

c. 2 words – Social Networking! A great way to spend your time, if you work it!  Get in a few groups and start helping other people grow their business and you’ll be surprised how much yours will grow!

2. Market Every Day. Small marketing steps, taken consistently will do more for you than 1 big promotion each quarter.  It will also keep people talking about your business everyday!

So what can you do today? Write your article for your newsletter? Contact a potential joint venture partner? Write a thank you note to someone who sent you a referral? Do something, even if it’s only a 15-minute task, and you’ll probably be amazed at how fast you’ll start seeing results.

3. Develop a System for your marketing! If you are like most of my clients, when you are slow you start marketing like crazy; then you get busy again, and the marketing stops. Shortly after that the work stops coming in again and you start the cycle over again.

Rather than chase your tail in circles try this.  Next time you are on marketing push, start making notes of what you are doing and what is working.  Then when you get too busy to continue your marketing efforts you can pass the list off to someone else to continue marketing the business for you!

In short – If things are slow don’t waste time in freak out mode. Get busy marketing yourself, develop a plan and prepare for the next slow down.

Super Exciting, New Office $90 Special!!!

Just finished moving into the new office and I’m so excited that I’m running a special for the rest of the week!  Until Sat. Jan. 23rd you can get 2,500 Full Color, double sided business cards OR 1,000 Full Color, double sided 4×6 Postcards for only $90!  It’s a HUGE deal… we’re only doing it this week.  Take advantage NOW by contacting us to get your order in, and tell anyone you know that has been looking for a deal!

Thanks – Matt

Hey, Rockstars! HAPPY 2010!!  We are now at!!!  It’s the First Creative Rockstar Podcast of the year and it’s a GREAT one! First we talk about new things for the New Year. Some great new Social Media stuff that we are doing found HERE, and several ways to get your business marketing efforts headed in a positive direction for the new year!  Then we follow up with the last show’s talk about using social media like Facebook and Twitter to grown your business with a bunch of tips on using Facebook to promote your business!  Then a few Super tips for my Graphic Designers on the Logo Design Process.  Due to requests I added some in depth photography tips with 4 quick portrait photography tips, and they are GOOD ones! And, Finally… our Useful Links for this episode. – FREE email marketing service – Get your website in the TOP of the google results and more (Shawn Audlin).
EverTweet – AMAZING Twitter tool by John Razmus for adding keyword targeted twitter peepes! – Graphic Design Blog with Tips, Tutorials and Jobs! – Super resource for my designers out there! – BEST Online photo learning site EVER! – Make better photos… duh!

And there you have it… I hope you all enjoy and let me know what you’d like to hear next time!