We are VERY excited about this!  We’ve been asked about these products for a long time and we havn’t been able to find an affordable solution for our clients, UNTIL NOW!  Our press is now able to print PLASTIC BUSINESS CARDS!  Either Solid or clear frosted cards, these are a SURE way to set your card apart from everyone elses!  Plastic business cards are a unique way to elevate your company’s image to the next level while making a lasting impression. Today’s competition in the job market is fierce, Solid color or Frosted Plastic Business Cards are the means to get recognized.  Use plastic cards to make an impact that your connections won’t forget. We offer cards made from a high quality plastic that can get your message across while becoming a conversation starter that makes breaking the ice easier. The novelty of these cards will make people hold on to them longer as well and pass them around to their contacts. A well-designed frosted card can make an unforgettable first impression.

We’ve got some great pricing on these sweet looking cards and as an added bonus we’re giving away 500 standard business cards to go with every plastic card order!

Solid Color Cards: 1 sided – 500 = $120, 1,000 = $135
Solid Color Cards: 2 sided – 500 = $145, 1,000 = $160
Frosted Cards: 1 sided – 500 = $170, 1,000 = $195
Frosted Cards: 2 sided – 500 = $205, 1,000 = $225
Cards are printed in full color on 20 pt plastic stock with rounded corners

In the current economic climate, you need every advantage you can get to capture the attention of today’s more discerning consumers. People are always on the lookout for something new, fresh and exciting to pay attention to, and plastic business cards – along with a clever custom design – could be just what you need to boost your monthly sales.

Give me a shout today… we can get these cards produced in just 7 days!!